Copying in Lubbock

Cutting-Edge Copy and Print Solutions

Nestled at 3521 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79413, we pride ourselves on being the go-to destination for copy and print services in Lubbock. Whether you require vibrant color prints or crisp black and white copies you will have fast service. Call us at 806-796-1222 for unmatched quality.

Self-Service or Assisted Copy and Print: Your Choice

Our dedication lies in providing seamless copying and printing services tailored to your needs. Be it self-service for those who prefer hands-on work or guided assistance, Mail & More caters to every demand.

From Copy and Print to Shipping: A Spectrum of Services

We’re more than just a print shop:

  • Diverse Shipping Options: With collaborations including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, we ensure your packages reach their destination securely.
  • Faxing: Transition paper to digital effortlessly.
  • Notary and Legal Assistance: Certified notary public services streamline your legal processes.
  • Packing and Supplies: We offer an extensive range of packing supplies alongside expert packing services, ensuring your items’ safety.
  • Drive-Through and Business Accounts: Efficiency is at our core, offering quick services for those on-the-go and specialized solutions for business needs.

Mailbox Rentals: Security and Privacy Assured

You can get both physical and virtual mailboxes at Mail & More.  We have multiple size mailboxes available.  We also accept one at a time secure package delivery. Our mailbox rental service is convent and fast.  Need to pick up your mail? Just come through the drive through.  You don’t even have to get out of the car.

Drive  Through Window

No other shipping store in Lubbock has a Drive through window.  We are happy to ship, pack, gift wrap, check your PO Box, or any other service we provide without you getting out of your car.  Can you imagine a happy experience at the Post Office where you did not have to get out of the car?  At Mail & More you get just that.  Ditch the post office and use our drive through.

Our Promise: Quality and Satisfaction

Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive, high-quality services, making us a household name in Lubbock. When you think of Pack, Ship, Print, PO box, Gift wrapping or other business services come to Mail & More!