Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock: Your One-Stop Solution for All Shipping Needs

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Introduction to DHL Lubbock at Mail & More

Within the expansive network of DHL, the Lubbock branch, managed by Mail & More, stands out. Not only does it offer the top-tier logistics solutions DHL is renowned for, but it does so with the personalized touch of the Mail & More brand. Located strategically in Lubbock, this combo offers both convenience and efficiency to its patrons.

Services Offered by Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock

Express Shipping

Need a package to be somewhere ASAP? Mail & More provides swift express shipping services to ensure your parcel is where it needs to be, right when it’s expected.

International Shipping

No destination is too far. Leveraging DHL’s extensive global network, Mail & More ensures your international shipments reach any corner of the globe.

Custom Solutions for Businesses

Businesses with distinct shipping requirements can rely on Mail & More for customized logistics solutions.

Location Specifics

Mail & More’s DHL hub is conveniently situated at 3521 50th St Lubbock, TX 79413. For any queries, reach out directly at 806-796-1222. Plus, the drive-through window ensures customers get speedy service on-the-go.

DHL Lubbock

Comparing DHL Lubbock with Other Couriers at Mail & More

DHL vs. FedEx

Mail & More doesn’t just rely on one carrier. Their collaboration with both FedEx and DHL ensures customers get varied and efficient shipping options.


With Mail & More integrating UPS shipping, customers have the luxury to choose the carrier that suits their needs best.


Combining traditional US postal service shipping with the might of DHL, Mail & More offers customers the best of both worlds.

Additional Features of Mail & More

Gift Wrapping Services

Add a personal touch to your shipments with Mail & More’s gift wrapping service.

Notary Public Offerings

For those pressing official documents, the in-house notary services come as a boon.

Business Charge Accounts

Mail & More understands business needs and offers charge accounts to streamline transactions.

Packing Supplies at Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock

Be it durable boxes or protective fillers, Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock ensures your shipments are packed right with the right supplies.

Digital Solutions at Mail & More

From faxing to copying, and scanning Mail & More offers a plethora of digital solutions for your convenience.

Why Choose Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock?

The synergy of Mail & More’s dedication and DHL’s reliability makes it a preferred choice in Lubbock’s logistics landscape.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Consistent positive reviews showcase the impeccable service standards and customer satisfaction that Mail & More provides.

FAQs about Mail & More’s DHL Lubbock

Is Mail & More’s part of the global DHL network? Yes, Mail & More’s is a proud part of the global DHL network, offering all standard DHL services. For more information about DHL visit them here.

What differentiates Mail & More from other DHL branches? Mail & More’s personalized services, combined with DHL’s reliability, offer a unique shipping experience for the patrons.

How can I avail of the mailbox or PO box rental services? Mail & More offers mailbox and PO box rental, making it convenient for customers to have a secure address for their mails.